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Risk Management & Insurance in Saskatchewan.

The Henderson name has been part of the Saskatchewan insurance circles since the early 1900’s. While we are grounded to our roots, we are committed to the future and innovation. We know that every business and family has different needs. Our approach to uncovering those needs is our differentiator.

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Through all the change and growth Henderson Insurance has remained true to the Core Values that the company was built upon.  The company feels the pinnacle statement within the values is: We put the client in the middle of everything we do.

Dave Reidy

CEO, Henderson Insurance, Inc.

For Your Business

Is your business a small to mid-sized enterprise that is growing and believes that you need to manage your risk in order to achieve your goals?

Are you looking for help and want advice on managing your insurable and non-insurable risk

Why You Need Henderson Insurance Inc.

  • You are facing current and emerging risks that are changing at unprecedented paces.
  • Your business has changed greatly, but the insurance industry as a whole still wants to service your insurance in a transactional manner

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Thank you Brad Gourlay and the team at Henderson Insurance for assisting us with our corporate insurance needs.  We realize that our request for a quote was a bit out of the norm and we appreciate the time and patience your team had to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of the policy.  In the end the personal service (you always return calls, emails and texts quickly!!) you have provided has made the transition easy and we feel reassured knowing any future claims that we may have would be handled by yourselves.  Your down to earth, quality customer service levels are something our company prides ourselves on in our day to day business. To find a local company with similar business objectives is something we have been more than pleased with.  THANK YOU!

We hope to have a long term relationship with Henderson Insurance.

Carla Browne

Partner, CENTURY 21 Dome Realty Inc.

Planning is critical. What are your key points in your insurance plan? If you don’t know…Henderson’s process can guide you.

Rick Smith

Senior Vice President, Henderson Insurance Inc.

The proprietary approach we use to advise our clients on their overall Risk Management, not just their Insurance risk sets us apart from anyone else in the Industry.

Our clients can attest that the move to Henderson Insurance has for the first time given them control over an area of their business which they previously viewed as being uncontrollable.

Control comes from Education, Planning and working with a World Class Advisory Team…and that’s what our Commercial Advisory Team can deliver.

Brad Gourlay

Account Executive Corporate Services, Henderson Insurance Inc.

At Henderson Insurance I have the pleasure and privilege to work with some amazing companies to help build strategies on ways to best manage risk in their business. We accomplish this by providing education, advice and solutions from our very talented team at Henderson Insurance. Our team is dedicated to making companies better, family’s lives safer and business owners lives simpler.

Cindy Simmons

Leader of Risk Services, Henderson Insurance Inc.

For Families

Have you, as a couple, accumulated wealth and assets over time? Have work and family obligations created a hectic pace of life and new complexities?

Are you looking for help and want advice on managing your insurable and non-insurable risk?

Why You Need Henderson Insurance Inc.

  • You are raising a family, and have accumulated assets. This has you facing risk from areas you have never experienced before, and that is adding pressure to your already busy life.
  • Your family life has changed greatly, but the insurance industry as a whole still wants to service your insurance in a transactional manner

It’s time for a Fresh Look™!

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At Henderson Insurance they really do understand my insurance needs as a business owner. They are able to give me advice whether that be a risk assessment, fleet renewal, bond coverage or just my business and personal renewal reviews.

Because Henderson does a great job of consolidating all my insurance, I never have to wonder where my policies are. This saves me time and money which is very important to me as I have a hectic schedule.

Henderson really does make my life simpler and my family safer.

Trevor Perrey

Owner, Electric Effects

I feel that at Henderson what we do for our clients is unique, from the large corporate business owner, the small business owner right down to the family of 4.

We use our knowledge and different areas of expertise to service our clients. Because we believe that you are better served by having all your insurance under one roof .

It saves our clients time, money ,and helps to keep business more risk savvy and families safer.

Sandra Sawa

Personal Insurance Broker, Henderson Insurance Inc.

For Business Owners

Are you someone who has built a privately owned business? In doing so, you have probably accumulated assets and wealth outside of your business; and within your business, you are the lifeblood of your enterprise.

Are you looking for help and want advice on managing your insurable and non-insurable risk?

Why You Need Henderson Insurance Inc.

  • You wear many hats, have many responsibilities and many sources of “noise”. A lot of people rely on you to make great decisions in both personal and business settings.
  • You are multifaceted which has caused complexity and you are in need of simplification and organization.

If this is resonating, it’s time for a Fresh Look™!

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Henderson Insurance has been an invaluable mentor to my business in the last year.  As a small business owner I seek the guidance of trusted and experienced business experts who can help me increase growth, and develop current business practices.  Within merely months of working with Cindy Simmons and Dave Reidy, I have trackable growth, and new practices in place that give me the reassurance I’m moving in the best direction.

Henderson Insurance offers so much more than insurance for my business.  I will continue to work with their team, and I highly recommend their services to any small business.

Andy Hamilton

Owner, Andy Hamilton Photography

The staff at Henderson are an amazing group of people. They go above and beyond with their customer service. Never disappoint!

Sheri Melnick

Owner, Sheri Melnick Consulting

Through being purposeful in our approach when working with business owners and gaining greater perspective on their specific situation, we can offer education and advice around their insurance and risk management needs. Our goal is to ensure our clients understand how these solutions directly benefit their business and their personal lives thus helping to make business owners lives simpler.

Danielle Selinger

Independent Business Unit Coordinator, Henderson Insurance Inc.



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