How we can make your life safer, simpler, and better? 

How would you describe your approach to insurance and risk management? Is it proactive or random? Chances are, you have multiple policies with multiple brokers. If so, you probably aren’t getting the advice you need and that can be dangerous.

Ask Yourself…

1. Do I currently have one insurance broker that handles my all of my insurance needs during one common time of the year?

2. Does my insurance broker provide me with a unique approach resulting in an Annual Plan which is valuable, informative and timely?

3. Does my insurance broker have a built-in mechanism for a Second Set of Eyes to be on my insurance at all times?

4. Have I had a thorough and valuable discussion with my insurance broker in the last 12 months which has led to me having a clear understanding on the many changes that are occurring in Saskatchewan?

Henderson’s Fresh Look™


If any of the above makes you feel like you should be receiving more, then it is time for a Fresh Look™. This is our proprietary process including a thorough review of all your coverages, exposures and opportunities. The best part? We offer this as a complimentary service to all Saskatchewan Residents and Businesses! Please fill out the form below, and we will happily schedule your review.

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