For Personal Insurance in Saskatchewan

You should consider Henderson Insurance as your broker:

  • If you are raising a family, and have accumulated wealth and assets. If you are facing risk from areas you have never experienced and at a frequency that is adding pressure to your very buys life
  • If your circumstance has changed, yet the insurance brokerage industry continues to serve you in a traditional and reactive manner
  • If you could benefit from additional help and advice

Ask Yourself

1. Do I find the Annual Review conducted by my Insurance Broker to be valuable, informative and timely?

2. Are all of my insurance needs handled by one advisor at a common date throughout the year?

3. Does my insurance broker provide me with Risk Education tools that are helpful to me and the rest of my family?

4. Have I had a thorough and valuable discussion with my insurance broker in the last 12 months which has led to me having a clear understanding on the many changes that are occurring in Personal Insurance in Saskatchewan?

Henderson’s Fresh Look™

If you answered “no” to any of the above, then it is time for a Fresh Look™. This is our proprietary process including a thorough review of all your coverages, exposures and opportunities. The best part? We offer this as a complimentary service to all Saskatchewan Families! Please fill out the form below, and we will happily perform a review for you.

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