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 Our Difference? Our Approach.

We do more than provide our clients with Home and Auto insurance policies. At Henderson Insurance, we work proactively to be our client’s advisor in the areas of risk and insurance. We work with you to keep you informed on how to protect your home, assets, and your family.

One of our advisors is pleased to discuss our approach further with you and how we can help protect your family.

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Tony Dreger

Tony Dreger

Leader - Retail Services

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Amy Renneberg

Amy Renneberg

Motor Vehicle Coordinator

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Rochelle Riecken

Rochelle Riecken

Personal Insurance Broker

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Sandra Sawa

Sandra Sawa

Personal Insurance Broker

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The IAP Approach™





  • Gain a broad understanding of the client, including goals, dangers, opportunities and strengths.
  • Determine where we can help.
  • Identify some current risk areas facing the client.


  • Using a wide variety of questions gather more information on the previously identified areas of risk.
  • With the client, begin to quantify the identified risk areas.


  • Use the information gathered, including the quantification to rank the risks by analyzing the Likelihood of the risk happening and the Impact of the risk is it does.
  • Create and deliver an Annual Plan to reduce the risks which are deemed to be the greatest.


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