If you smell smoke or see flames, get everyone out of the building immediately!


  • The air is clearer near the floor
  • Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to an exit
  • Close doors to slow the spread of smoke and flames
  • Agree on a meeting place, go there and “take attendance” to be sure that no one is left inside the building

Call the fire department!

  • Phone from outside the building and give the complete address
  • Don’t hang up until you’re told to do so
  • Be sure no one goes back inside for any reason
  • Tell the fire department if anyone is trapped inside the building

Call your insurance broker

The quicker you get the process moving, the better. After you’ve contacted your insurer, you can ask an adjuster to come and inspect the damage.

Document your losses before the adjuster comes. Make a thorough list of property that has been impacted by a disaster. Provide purchase receipts, or estimate how much the belongings cost and when you bought them

Take photographs of the accident / fire scene, and don’t throw out damaged items before notifying your insurer.

Above all, it’s important to document the claims process, noting when you speak with your insurers and what the conversations entailed. This will help you track the amount of reimbursement you should receive and allow you to keep a record of insurance claims for future use.

Follow these tips and your insurance claim for any fire damage should go smoothly. Henderson Insurance can help! Call your adviser as soon as you are able.