Whenever you move to a new province, whether inside of Canada or from another country, there is a process to transferring over your driver’s license and vehicle insurance. It can take some time, but with some preparation before you come in, Henderson Insurance can get you safely on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Prior to your move, you must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance. These pieces will allow you to drive on our roads legally during the 90-day grace period. This time allows you to settle and gather the proper documentation required to transfer over.

Always check with your home jurisdiction regarding their rules for moving out-of-province.

Proving Your Identity

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of original identification to establish your full legal name, birth date and signature. ie, valid driver’s license; birth certificate or passport.

If you are moving from a different country, you will need:

  • supporting documents to prove your entitlement into Canada. These documents usually come from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

These documents MUST be original. We cannot accept email or photocopies.

Proving Your Saskatchewan Residency

You will need:

  • 2 supporting documents that prove you now live here.
    • They MUST indicate your name, civic address or land location, and must be dated within 90 days. ie. utility bills, financial documents or employment confirmation. **Note: Cell phone bills are not accepted by SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance).

Why do I need a Claims Experience Letter or Driver’s Abstract?

A driver’s abstract is required if you have moved here from another country and must be current within 30 days. This will apply to your motorcycle license from another jurisdiction as well.

You will request a claims experience letter (claims history report or insurance report) from the insurance company you purchased your previous insurance from and based on a clean claims history you may be eligible for a discount on your plate premiums in Saskatchewan.

Given it is illegal to have more than one driver’s license in Canada, you must surrender your previous driver’s licence in order to receive a Saskatchewan licence. If you have a driver’s licence from a country SGI does not have a reciprocity agreement with it is acceptable to have both.

Registering Your Vehicle

Henderson Insurance can register your vehicle and give you the basic plate insurance (legal to drive on our roads) as well as offering additional coverage with an auto policy.

To register your vehicle in Saskatchewan, you must:

  • be the owner.
  • have 1 original document indicating you own the vehicle. ie. your previous registration from the jurisdiction you are moving from, bill of sale, lease agreement or a transfer of ownership.

First Time Registered Inspection Program

SGI requires all used vehicles purchased out-of-province to be inspected (brand new with New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) does not require inspection). If your used vehicle has never been permitted or registered in Saskatchewan we can register your vehicle and defer the inspection for a 28-day grace period. This grace period allows you to have the inspection completed and any necessary repairs made.

Moving from BC or Alberta, the New West Partnership (NWP) agreement allows some privately used vehicles to be exempt for the FTR inspection program. https://www.sgi.sk.ca/importing-and-exporting-vehicles

Will You Need to Pay PST?

The cost of moving can be significant, thankfully Saskatchewan has a tax exemption called “Settlers Effects”. This allows applicants moving here to bring their personally owned vehicles with them without being subject to Saskatchewan’s 6% provincial sales tax. There are guidelines pertaining to Settlers Effect, however most applicants moving to the province qualify.

Given there is a lot to cover, we suggest you allow yourself approximately 1 hour to transfer your driver’s license, vehicle registration and answer any questions you may have.