I have worked in many kinds of organizations, from small businesses run by local entrepreneurs to global corporations run by industry titans. Through this, I have been exposed to many different styles of leadership and direction. Though values have been preached in many of these businesses it was not until working at Henderson Insurance that I experienced a company and staff so entrenched in personifying the companies’ values. It is amazing how their level of teamwork and flexibility directly impacts the client.

So, what are these values that allow the staff at Henderson to work so cohesively?

The Client

It is such a relief to see that The Client is always at top of mind. Often a business can be distracted by profits, image, or structure and will forget to consider the reason for their existence. Without a client the organization fails. By emphasizing The Client as the first value, Henderson ensures that, though the industry may change, their clients will continue to come to them for advice and service.

Life Long Learning

Though this value may seem to be directed at the staff within Henderson Insurance, it speaks volumes about the character of the organization. That they are dedicated to the development of their staff shows commitment and support. This commitment expresses to the client that their brokers are qualified professionals and leaders of industry.


In Results, we find the drive of the business. Written right in their values is a commitment to retain the business of each customer and to be devoted to the maintenance and improvement of those relationships.

Mutual Respect

Here lies the key to a cohesive team. When creating a team, Mutual Respect is of the utmost importance, without it teams will experience unhealthy conflict and lose the trust of their co-workers. This is what allows the staff of Henderson to work together towards the common goal of serving the client.

Challenging Goals

Challenging Goals contribute to the drive of the business much like Results do. However, this value considers more than just achievement, it focuses on achievement as we grow as an organization. By challenging staff to consistently aim higher they inspire top performance out of each member of the team.


Again, Henderson identifies a key aspect of teamwork. Each member is expected to be accountable, not only to the organization, but to themselves.


This was a truly unique value that I had not seen before. Strengths as a value suggests that individuals will be assessed and placed in positions they are suited and therefore more likely to succeed in. This to me shows incredible levels of strategy and investment in their staff. Each member of the staff is assessed and roles have been created to specifically meet a person’s strengths and interests.

When I look back over this list of values it becomes clear each value was carefully selected and has implications for both the staff and the customer. This list shows an intentional desire to build a culture of trust, accountability, and of teamwork and ethics. I continue to learn while working at Henderson Insurance and aspire to live up to the values, to develop them throughout my career for myself, Henderson Insurance, and the Clients we serve.