All the studies point to texting and driving as risky driving behaviour that causes devastating accidents. We know that smartphones are becoming more popular, not less, so how can we curb this dangerous behaviour, especially for new drivers and teens?

One way is by using the phone itself as a tool to protect drivers from distraction.

These apps shut down smartphones while the vehicle is in motion, rendering it inoperable while drivers should be focused on the road. For teens, there’s even a way to track if your child’s app is activated when you know they will be in control of a car.

A few apps that we found that appear to give the best results for encouraging safe driving:

Cell Control – For Android and iPhone
Drive Safe Mode – For Android and iPhone
DriveMode – Available on Android

Your cell phone carrier may also have apps available to assist with safe driving practices.

Remember that your teens are always watching you, so make sure that you’re putting your phone away each time you drive. Modeling good behaviour, and ensuring that kids know the risks to driving while distracted by texting can go a long way to reducing our driving and texting accident rate.