What is Your Purpose Today?

Do you get to work each day and face a seemingly never-ending stream of tasks that take up all of your time? Do you struggle to stay on top of things while important decisions about your company get delayed?

Many business owners have these same issues – the inability to make real progress growing their businesses as the email inbox fills up and small tasks eat up time and energy.

The real question is do completing these tasks get you closer to your goals or do they just take up time better spent elsewhere? When we get entrenched in old ways of doing things, or bogged down with unimportant details, it is often draining, disheartening and exhausting.

There is a Better Way

It’s all about doing tasks with Purpose.

While it seems like a simple concept, learning how to follow it each day can be challenging. How do you decide what tasks are purposeful? How can you choose from the list of projects that you face each day which you need to accomplish to further your goals?

If you are already overwhelmed by the work in front of you, taking the time out to learn how to think about work more purposefully can seem impossible.

We Can Help

On March 21st, Henderson Insurance and Beyond Connections will present a great opportunity for you to take a bit of time and learn how you can work with purpose.

This free event features Larry Linne, a motivating and energetic speaker who can help you figure out how to give yourself the time you need to focus on growing your business or grow in your career. In his lecture, and in the workshop following, you’ll hear some valuable information on how to shrink your task list, focus on what is important and accomplish important goals each week.

Register now and get the opportunity to hear from Larry Linne and to bring your questions to him and to the Beyond Connections advisers. You’ll leave our workshop with effective strategies to become more productive, efficient and strategic each day.